our roots

Cowgirl Lemonade began as an idea, conceived in Vermont, and inspired by a traditional maple lemonade recipe. Drawing from our culinary and nutrition experience and interest we have transformed this classic recipe into our own unique craft beverages.

With east coast country roots we grew up riding horses and wearing dusty cowgirl boots. Enjoying the process of entrepreneurship & running a lemonade stand at a young age. As adults having relocated to Colorado’s wild west and keeping a playful spin on elevated childhood dreams, the spirited title of Cowgirl Lemonade was created.

Riding the Lemon into our 5th Market season and gaining momentum with our hand bottled beverages, we evolving as a staple the Denver craft Beverage Scene.


Our mission is to subtly steer the world towards a healthier lifestyle that balances nutrition and awareness with recreation and treats!  We want to make good decisions for our bodies, our well being, and our environment while also fully embracing the open and spontaneous nature of our lives.

We treat our customers, staff, and partners as family. We gain strength and build our reputation based on product and service consistency. We believe artisanal and craft foods are a way to renew and greatly improve our economy, community, and the way we relate to food.