We are a craft beverage company, making lemonade, juices and teas.
Simplicity meets satisfaction when you combine pure Vermont Maple Syrup with fresh squeezed California lemon juice and Colorado mountain water. Replacing conventional sugar with maple syrup allows us to offer a more health conscious alternative to a classic treat. Add the option of our standing and seasonal ‘Juice Shots’! We produce fresh juices, purees, and compotes, so you can have a creative and exciting new beverage that tastes great, and makes your body feel good!
….Giddy up!

Our syrup makin’ friends: Vermont is our second home, and a source of inspiration. We source the best Pure Vermont Maple Syrup from our amazing friends at Dorset Maple Reserve and exclusively use it in our Lemonade. Click here for more information: www.dorsetmaplereserve.com

Besides being super delicious with lovely caramel notes, maple syrup is also heavily saturated with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. As a completely natural sweetener, it is easier for the body to process than refined sugar and has a lower glycemic index value.

Maple Syrup from Dorset is unique, even among Vermont producers. The high content of calcium in the geology underlying the soil at their reserve is the key. When the sap is boiled down to extract the syrup, the departing calcium leaves a cleaner and smoother flavor. This flavor makes their syrup the best we’ve sampled (and we tried A LOT) for blending into our Cowgirl Lemonades.