Each week before market we select the produce for out Juice Shots.

Using these fresh fruits, herbs, and spices, we lovingly create juices, and purees in our production kitchen.  We have three delicious fixed menu flavors.  Our rotating weekly flavors allow for exciting choices, creative combinations, and showcase fresh seasonable goods!

We source local and organic as much as possible.

The current menu:

Jalapeno Pineapple

fresh juiced jalapenos and pineapples – sweet and spicy

Tart Cherry

organic tart cherry juice


fresh juiced ginger – it adds a kick!

Some of our past seasonal flavors:

Watermelon Mint

Palisade Peach

Apricot Cardamom

Strawberry Rhubarb

Grapefruit Cypress

Blackberry Sage

Blueberry Basil

Concord Grape

Try our ‘Annie Palmer’

Don’t forget our take on another classic combo; for our good ol’ AP we use a half and half mix of organic black tea and our Maple lemonade.